The Fog of Winter

Winters is my least favorite season of the year. Why so? Because it gets awfully cold leaving me blue. It is the time of year when we layer up to give our bodies a huge load of warmth. Winters makes us crave for the sun, who most times mischievously plays hide and seek behind the... Continue Reading →

Wait; Ponder

You only regret what you remember. If you are wanting to forget the mean word that you said to someone, the promise that you broke or something similar in nature; removal of it from your memory bank might be a reasonable solution. But it is easier said than done. Possibly the simplest way to forget... Continue Reading →

Violently Silent

Yes, the world is violent my love,it strikes anyone that comes in its way. The sickness of this world is our own extension,I heal to rid myself of this sickness,forgive me if I scarred you in someway. I am violent too sometimes,because it becomes hard to bear all the time. No, I do not wish... Continue Reading →

Clean Up Those Messy Glasses

Media needs to get responsible. The Media needs to become accountable of what it is showcasing to the public. In this day and age with the power of the internet any juvenile can become a reporter and plant impressionable stories online jeopardizing reputations. The amount of junk information accumulated on the internet is beyond compare.... Continue Reading →

What do you want to do? I want to do nothing. I just want to sit here, gaze out the window and disappear.

I am enough for me

To earn money I need a job. To eat I need food. To sleep I need a bed. To feel love and support I need a family and a few friends. But what do I need to complete myself? Who can complete me and why? Am I a half of something? Am I broken or... Continue Reading →

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